Plywood for Concrete-form

  • Plywood overlaid on both sides with phenolic film 
  • Being capable of the single casting, e.g. in laying concrete foundations or casting work for bridges, leaving smooth finish 
  • 9'', 10 ''jumbo size plywood which is very convenient and efficient for usage
  • Tested by British WBP water-proof standard 
  • It can be used at least 10 times


The superior-facilities and production line were imported from abroad. The raw material of M.Y.Timber's plywood produc
tion are all hardwood, the high modulus of elastic (MOE) mark the sawing and nailing very easily. The phenolic resin glu
e is weather and waterproof. It meets the strictest International Standard (72 hours boiling).The hard smooth surface wil
l stands the abrasive and chemical effects of the concrete. The film faced plywood are easily removed once the concrete
has set, leaving a smooth finish. It can be used at least 10 times under proper operations,and tested by British WBP wat
er-proof standard.9',10'jumbo  size plywood which very convenent and efficient for usage 


Products Series

Species Specification Thickness Grade Wood Species
Plywood for Concrete-form 3''*6''(915*1830mm) 17、18mm Imported  pine/South East Asian MLH Imported pine/South East  Asian MLH
 4''*8''(1220*2440mm) 17、18mm Imported pine/South East  Asian MLH Imported pine/South East Asian MLH
Film Faced Plywood  4''*8''(1220*2440mm) 15、18mm South East Asian MLH Phenolic Film
 1250*2500mm 15、18mm South East Asian MLH

Phenolic Film

Remarks: Native plate with the maximum length of 10 (3 meters).


Product Certifications